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A project of Columbus Design Institute, Homeworks seeks thoughtful responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by convening a series of conversations with academics, designers, and community practitioners. Over the course of four days, conversations will focus on singular topics: Social Connectivity, Public Space, Home Life, and Food Systems. Homeworks will conclude with a Recap presentation by designer Rick Valicenti—Indy Design Week’s Keynote presenter.

Homeworks is a call to action that focuses on improving the communities of Indiana, and beyond. Together we can learn about and explore creative approaches to our current and long-term future reality.

Presented by the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

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2/5 Homeworks: Public Space
Tuesday, May 5  1:00 - 3:00 PM

Quarantine and health fears have effectively diminished most uses for public space, including those vital to society, such as public celebrations and protests. Given the vital importance of public gatherings and the public spaces that make our cities unique, Public Space explores how we will gather again when the pandemic subsides.

Questions for Discussion
What adjustments will we need to make to allow us to be out in public? 
How are public gatherings going to be different?

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Presenting Participants

Quilian Riano, Associate Director, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Kent State University (Kent, OH)

Brie Hensold, Urban Planner and Co-Founder, Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA)

Gina Ford, Landscape Architect and Co-Founder, Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA)

Responding Practitioners

Daniel Mason, Historic New Harmony (New Harmony, IN)

Donna Sink, People for Urban Progress (Indianapolis, IN)

Mariah Keller, Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)

What Recorded
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Homeworks: Public Space
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