Principles for Empowered Teams
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David Mathew

Principles for Empowered Teams

We all strive to create products that customers love and teams that are excited to come to work every day. Actually achieving this in practice is a surprising challenge. Humans and products are naturally complex, bringing these together requires a special blend of psychology and systems thinking to pull off. David Mathew will unpack the following principles, carefully combined together, provide the ingredients required for an energized and empowered product team: -- Alignment -- Can everyone on your team see clear connections between customer needs and product features within the constraints of your business? -- Teaming -- Are you creating an environment inside your teams for collaboration to thrive? -- Traction + Optionality -- Are you effectively gaining initial traction on ideas quickly while ensuring you are making the best decisions? -- Feedback Driven -- Are you designing effective feedback loops to intentionally validate your decisions and uncover new opportunities? -- Process as Habits -- Are you blindly following a popular process or are you methodically building up a system of habits that focus your resources on what really matters?

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