2020: The Year of the Creator (despite Covid-19)
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Denisha Ferguson

Fashion Designer & Director
Indiana Fasion Design Week

Denisha “Dlang” Ferguson is the creator and executive director of Indiana Fashion Week and the Co-Author of the Amazon Bestseller, "You Can". Denisha-Dlang began her career in fashion as a sewist in her early teens. At the age of 15, she produced her first fashion show as a way to provide a platform for creators to showcase their work and hasn't stopped. Her heart for fashion and for people has aided her in garnering over 22 years of expertise in research, project management, and product and event development and execution. She aligns with partners and cultivates resources that provide education and development opportunities for those who aspire to excel in creative fields. Who do you know that she should connect with?

2020: The Year of the Creator (despite Covid-19)

When we are in unprecedented times and situations, THAT is when we the true means of human creativity. Through this incubation period, we are seeing a rise in people being resourceful and creative to solve for our very real problems. Being a creator goes beyond just making art. Ceativity is also found in our DNA and based on our mindsets can be beneficial to our daily lives.Creativity has no limits so, despite what is occurring with COVID-19, in 2020 many stories of triumph will be revealed and you will see the connecting thread of them being a CREATOR! Is that you. In this discussion we will discuss creative resourceful ways for you to transcend during these times.

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