A Village In The Making: Developing a supportive, encouraging, & edifying community around your brand
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Jenny Tod

Jenny Tod Creative, Indie Coffee Roasters

Jenny Tod is an Indianapolis-based designer who combines critical thinking with expert artistry to help small businesses visually communicate their purpose in a way that surpasses expectation. Jenny divides her time between running her own branding and design studio, Jenny Tod Creative, and serving as the Co-Owner and Director of Brand and Marketing at Indie Coffee Roasters in Carmel, Indiana. She uses her expertise in each of these companies to complement the other, which has equipped her with the means of adding greater value to those she serves. Jenny received a full-ride scholarship to IUPUI’s Herron School of Art and Design; she graduated in 2012 and has been striving to advance the design industry ever since. She has served in various art and design director positions throughout Indianapolis, and in 2018, she dove head-first into growing her own design company. Jenny Tod Creative currently serves clients across the country in a wide range of industries - from tech companies and healthcare providers, to nonprofit organizations and breweries. Jenny is passionate about engaging a wide variety of companies in order to empower and equip communities everywhere. When Jenny isn’t working, she spends her free time with her husband Alec, their two-year-old son Roman and their miniature dachshund Indie. Jenny loves running, interior design and working on her own creative pursuits. In fact, she illustrated and self-published her first children’s book called “Brunch, Brunch Baby!” out of a desire to illustrate food and create something she and Roman could enjoy doing together. To learn more about Jenny and her work, visit www.jennytod.com.

A Village In The Making: Developing a supportive, encouraging, & edifying community around your brand

“It takes a village”. While we know it’s true, let’s unpack ways we can establish a supportive and committed community around us.

When it comes to community, we’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village”. In other words, goals are accomplished, missions are pursued and values are strengthened best within a community setting. While we know this to be true, we need to know where to start. As we grow in our understanding of how to cultivate a group dynamic rooted in encouragement, commitment, diligence and support, we will see our village develop.

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