13 Ways to Innovate
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Jon Moore

Principal Product Designer

I have the wonderful privilege of helping companies bring their ideas to life through innovative design solutions. My technical background in software engineering and machine learning helps me bridge the gap between design and development so that the final product matches the original picture. I turn ideas inside out, make mental pictures tangible, and challenge conventions. My designs have helped companies secure funding, launch their MVP, retain users, and ultimately, get acquired. They propel innovative enterprises forward and inspire new thinking so that businesses continue to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

13 Ways to Innovate

Everyone wants to innovate, but no one seems to teach you HOW to do it. This tactical workshop gives you 13 specific techniques you can use in your everyday work to shatter traditional thinking and create truly innovative solutions. We’ll end with a fun exercise where you’ll put these techniques to work for some of the most successful businesses in the world. Jon Moore is a product designer with a technical background in software engineering and machine learning, which helps him bridge the gap between form and function. He turns ideas inside out, makes mental pictures tangible, and challenges conventions. Jon’s designs have helped dozens of startups secure funding, build businesses, and retain users.

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