Mentorship: A Two-Way Street
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Rohit Jesudian

Sr. Product Designer

Rohit Jesudian is an accomplished design strategist and entrepreneur having worked with universities and businesses to help them understand their core problems and work towards seeking iterative techniques to solve them. He has spent time working with college students and new graduates, giving talks, mentoring, and advising them as they forge their path into the industry. He led the design of Zylo, a rocket ship startup focused on overhauling the way Enterprise companies discover, purchase and utilize SaaS applications. In addition, he spent 3 years leading digital design at Indiana Wesleyan University to grow their digital footprint within marketing and creation of new products that enabled students and faculty alike. In 2014 he, along with a couple technical co-founders, started Tether to understand the impact that a limited social network would have on individuals and to see the validity of building a product around it. He is currently focused on understanding the current experience of college grads entering the workforce and building a product to set them on the path to success through Koda and building products for small business owners at ActiveCampaign.

Mentorship: A Two-Way Street

We are sometimes asked by mentors, what are they getting out of this relationship? Join our talk as Rohit shares on the benefits of mentoring in order to stay relevant in this day and age.

Some are interested in mentoring but hesitate to take the first step as the task seems daunting or they aren't able to see the benefits to it for their time. These are difficult times for businesses and individuals as the future holds a lot of uncertainty around the job market. Having someone to guide you through the journey can be an invaluable asset to an early professional, however, there are plenty of benefits to the mentor as well. In this talk I will share some benefits to being a mentor as well as ways to connect and build a great mentor-mentee relationship.

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