Walk the Walk: Techniques for Exploring Experience
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Sonali Shah

Principal Researcher

Sonali is a Research Princpial for Salesforce and is in her fifth year of leading research efforts for cross functional teams. She works closely with her Designers and Product Partners to creatively and collaboratively explore and solve complex business and interaction problems. Along with this, she has also taught in the field as an Adjunct at Butler University and IUPUI. Prior to Salesforce, she led research projects for US based consultancies and volunteered her skills for a non-profit, listerner-based radio station in Berkerly, CA. In the UK, she taught as a full time faculty member at Brunel University for five years before moving into the commercial sector to work internationally as a Research Consultant for a London-based UX Agency.

Walk the Walk: Techniques for Exploring Experience

User feedback is crucial for iterating designs and concepts. Insights about the user’s experience and problem space can help to address issues creatively. A common challenge, though, is in determining the questions that can tease out contextual details and depth. Join our workshop to firstly use best practices to create questions that can objectively explore the user’s experience and the problem space. Then, use our techniques and collaborate with peers to structure the questions to be able to probe your user’s experience and generate the insights that will evolve your design thinking!

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