Being Human: What it Means for Design
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Suzi Shapiro

Principal User Experience Consultant

Suzi has studied human behavior as a fellow human, a psychologist, and educator, a researcher, and an experience design professional. She is over educated with degrees in Psychology, including a PhD in Human Factors, She is also a certified Gerontologist, Certified Usability Analyst, and Certified User Experience Analyst. She has graduated from university teaching of Psychology and Informatics to training software design teams to design software that works for people, She loves to help people understand that you are human in the best and worst way and that you need to pay attention to people to design something that works for people. You can’t just do things that work for you.

Being Human: What it Means for Design

Human beings are amazingly complex. Some things we do are not learned and cannot be changed. Some things are very easy to learn for most of us, because our brain is prepared to learn them. Some things are hard to learn. Knowing the difference can make your design choices effective or frustrating for people that need to use your products Join GravityDrive as we explore the biology and psychology of MOVEMENT and VISION and what we need to know to create effective and appealing designs

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