Indy Design Week 2021, #IndyDW2021, is a design festival taking place from 📅 April 19 - 23, 2021 📅. The festival events will span the week with activities, workshops, and at least one full day conference.This year's theme is 🌳 💧 🌎 Sustainability & Beyond 🌎 💧 🌳We are currently looking for speakers, workshop leaders and volunteers to help build out our 2021 conference.

What is Indy Design Week the organization?Our purpose is to elevate and expose human-centered design in Indianapolis by providing a network of partners, educational outlet, thought leaders and businesses that support the Indianapolis design community.Because in Indy, we are more than our disciplines: we are more than designers and architects, planners and doers. We are a community of individuals striving to learn from each other.

We are collaborators - pushing to elevate ourselves and our communities and we want to take YOU with us!


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2022 Theme: EMERGENCE

March 28th - April 2nd
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